Action put in light

About action put in light

About the action to shed light

During the months of October and November 2005, at MARCO´s adjacent space of Vigo Contemporary Art Museum, I presented an action framed into the collective exhibition "Aberto por obras" (Open for Works), where I proposed everyone interested to answer the following question: 

“On which part of your body do you locate your fears, blame and dark parts, that you wish to light up?”

The question is addressed to the spectator and any potential participant with a specific purpose: asking them to meditate about their containments and the place where these are located in their bodies. In order to achieve this, I carry out a photographic session with each individual involved, selecting one image and working on it. My intention or attitude is that of conversing with each of the images, one by one. I draw my attention towards the act “to shed light”, literally illuminating the body containment named by each participant. In order to achieve this, I use traditionally pictorial values such as colour, shape, line, atmosphere, light contrasts and shadows, the composition, the emptiness, the movement, etc.

In all of them, I search for the personal beauty and harmony within each individual. 

The means of attaining this was to listen and perceive all the information, both verbal and visual, that I could obtain from each particular individual.